Information about the VUMC Strategic Directions work:

With the transition of Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) into a new financial and legal entity now complete, Medical Center leaders view this period as an opportunity to sharpen the organizations strategic focus. In the coming months, people working and training in broad areas throughout Vanderbilt and the community will be engaged to help develop a unifying strategy framework.

The strategy framework will capitalize on VUMCs distinctive academic strengths; it will work seamlessly with Vanderbilt Universitys Academic Strategic Plan, which articulates healthcare solutions as one of four central themes; and it will have a framework that is bi-directional, adaptive and allows experimentation toward success. VUMC will be able to measure progress and improve on the speed of execution for the implementation of ideas that are generated.

The strategic framework design process is being led by Jennifer Pietenpol, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Research and Director of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, and Reed Omary, M.D., M.S., Chair of the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences, with the support of William Stead, M.D., Chief Strategy Officer for VUMC.

Read the VUMC Reporter article for more information.

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VUMC Strategy Framework Retreat - Aug 15, 2016 (click HERE for Reporter article)

Work Groups

Design Work Group

David Owens, Owen School of Management
Mary Zutter, PMI
John York, Biochemistry
Jeff Carr, Radiology
David Posch, Population Health
Meghan Kapp, PMI
Alex Kelso, Patient & Family Advisory Council
Marcus Jordan, VUH Professional Services
Sheryl Fleisch, Psychiatry
Tony Threatt, HealthIT
Megan Youngblood, Strategy

Diversity and Inclusion Work Group

Jesse Ehrenfeld, Anesthesiology
Andre Churchwell, Medicine
Lea Davis, Medicine
Arie Nettles, Pediatrics/Inclusion & Health Equity
Terrell Smith, Patient and Family Engagement
David Scudder, Medical Student
Luvenia Harrison Butler, Community Member
Eli Zimmerman, Neurology
Adriana Bilostozky, Pediatrics
Steve Weissenburger, Strategy

Efficacy, Effectiveness and Reliability Work Group

Warren Sandberg, Anesthesiology
Russell Rothman, Medicine
Josh Denny, Biomedical Informatics
Gordon Bernard, Medicine
Wayne Jenkins, VHAN
David Leverenz, Medicine
Susan Buck, Community Member
Stephan Russ, Emergency Medicine
Kathy Hartmann, OB/GYN
Keri Wolfe, Institute for Medicine & Public Health

Engagement Work Group

Jill Austin, Marketing
Donald Brady, Medicine/GME
Sten Vermund, Pediatrics/Global Health
Freddie Easley, Facilities and Operations
Hilary Tindle, Medicine
Laurie Tucker, Pediatrics
Ralph Conwill, Community Member
Jeanne Yeatman, Emergency Medicine
Ann Price, Medicine/Alumni Affairs
Helen Vandendriessche

Entrepreneurship Work Group

Laura Beth Brown, Nursing
Ron Eavey, Otolaryngology
Alan Bentley, CTTC
Alex Jagangir, Orthopaedic Surgery/Rehab
Brent McDonald, VHAN/Population Health
Adrian Cadar, MPB
Rod Heller, Philanthropist/entrepreneur
Rick Abramson, Radiology
Jill Pulley VICTR
Dedra Christian, Otolaryngology

Fundamental Discovery Work Group

Jim Crowe, Pediatrics
David Sweatt, Pharmacology
Borden Lacy, PMI
Eric Skaar, PMI
Kim Rathmell, Medicine
Jennifer Watchmaker, MSTP
Al Powers, Medicine
Carlos Arteaga, Medicine
Larry Marnett, Biochemistry
Susan Meyn and Janey Wang, Office of Research

Learning Work Group

Bonnie Miller, Medical Education/Surgery
April Kapu, Nursing
Joey Barnett, Pharmacology
Mavis Schorn, Nursing
Consuelo Wilkins, Medicine
Amelia Maiga, Surgery
Maureen Riggs, Patient
Matt McEvoy, Anesthesiology
Jeff Gleason, VHAN
Kelly Burlison, Continuous Professional Development

Patient Care and Experience Work Group

Paul Sternberg, Ophthalmology
Meg Rush, Pediatrics
Hal Moses, Cancer Biology
Seth Karp, Surgery
Titus Daniels, Adult Clinic
Cody Penrod, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics
Kara Adams, Parent of lifelong patient/TN Disability Coalition
Marylin Dubree, Nursing
Walter Clair, Medicine
Lara Mead, Patient & Guest Services

Technology Work Group

Tommy Wang, Medicine
John Gore, VUIIS
Nancy Cox, Medicine
Anita Mahdevan-Jansen, BME/Engineering
Jay Wellons, Surgery/Pediatric Neurosurgery
Ricardo Lugo, Medicine
Jacky King, Strategic & Ops Analytics
David Charles, Neurology
Kevin Wilson, VUIIS
Gina Kavanaugh, VUIIS

Translation Work Group

Alp Ikizler, Medicine
Dan Roden, Medicine
Ian Macara, Cell and Developmental Biology
Kamran Idrees, Surgery
Alyssa Hasty, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Chike Abana, MSTP
Dave Merryman, BME/Engineering
Vandana Abramson, Medicine
Susan Guttentag, Pediatrics
Christie Ingram, Medicine

Integration Panel

Melinda Buntin, Health Policy
Bob Dittus, Public Health, Population Health Sciences
Mitch Edgeworth, Adult Enterprise Hospitals & Clinics
Luke Gregory, Monroe Carrell Jr Children's Hospital
Keith Meador, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society
Traci Nordberg, Human Resources
Linda Norman, School of Nursing
David Raiford, Clinical Staff, Faculty Affairs
Michael Regier, General Counsel
Yu Shyr, Biostatistics, Center for for Quantitative Sciences