IdeaShare has closed. Here's what's next. 

IdeaShare is a learning exercise using a new tool that allows people from across VUMC to submit and rank ideas to address common problems. The first test ran for a month ending June 21. We have learned a great deal about how to use "crowd-sourcing" to share ideas, collaborate and give feedback among as many people at VUMC as possible.

The ideas and activity around them will be analyzed for themes that inform our work going forward. We'll also explore how we might advance ideas that are most feasible and would have the greatest impact. 

Thank you to everyone at VUMC who took part. Watch the VUMC Reporter and MyVUMC for updates as this work continues.

Below is a set of FAQs about the initiative.

What is IdeaShare?

IdeaShare is a new, easy to use tool that allows people from across VUMC to submit ideas to common problems. We are using this new online tool to share ideas among as many people at the Medical Center as possible.

Why are we doing IdeaShare?

Everyone has good ideas, no matter their role, experience level or skills. Strong organizations tap into the creativity and experience of as many of their people as possible. With IdeaShare, we’ll learn together and surface ideas that will help the Medical Center.

How does IdeaShare work?

IdeaShare uses an online crowdsourcing tool. You can access IdeaShare anywhere and anytime through desktop or mobile devices.

Through June 20, IdeaShare will feature three questions (called campaigns) around how we communicate at the Medical Center, how we can take action to improve our work, how we can connect around our interests or passions, and how we might change our benefits.

Through June 5, we'll share and comment on ideas. Between June 6-20, we'll use the tool to vote the best ideas to the top.

What do I do?

Setting up an account in IdeaShare is easy and takes just a minute. For security reasons, don’t use your VUNetID and password.

After you create your account and sign in, you can participate in a few ways – it’s up to you.

  • Share ideas in response to one or more of the questions (as many as you have).
  • Comment on others’ ideas.
  • Help push the best ideas to the top. During the last two weeks of IdeaShare, you’ll participate in a fun process called “Pairwise.” You will be presented with two ideas at a time and select the one you like better.

Do I have to do this?

No, participation is optional but we hope you will. The more people who participate the better the ideas that will come from this effort and the more we will learn. You can take part in as much or as little as you want.

How long will IdeaShare last?

IdeaShare will be open through June 19. The last two weeks are to participate in the “Pairwise” voting process.

Why do you want to hear from me?

Everyone has great ideas. The best ideas and solutions may come from anyone. Creativity is not limited by expertise. The strongest organizations want to hear from as many people as possible for creative solutions.

Can I use my VUNetID? Why can’t we use a single sign-on?

Because the IdeaShare tool sits outside VUMC’s IT system, setting up a single sign-on isn’t possible. If we permanently adopt an idea sharing tool like this going forward, making single sign on will be a requirement. For security reasons do not use your VUNetID and password for IdeaShare. Your sign-on information should be unique to this project. Be sure to take note of your password so you remember it.

Help – I want to submit my ideas but I’m having trouble logging into IdeaShare.

The VUMC IT Help Desk is available to assist you with any difficulties you may have when accessing IdeaShare. Contact VUMC IT by calling (615) 343-HELP

Is my participation anonymous?

Participants can see who submitted ideas, and commented on them. Participants cannot see who likes, dislikes ideas. There will be “Pairwise” voting in the final weeks of the initiative. Participants cannot see who voted for each idea.

How much time and effort will this take?

You can take part as much or as little as you like. The great thing about IdeaShare is that it is designed to let you participate in brief moments during your day, from your desktop or mobile devices. Any amount of participation is valuable.

What do I get out of this?

IdeaShare is an opportunity to share creative ideas with colleagues throughout the Medical Center. You’ll make connections with people in other roles and departments. Your voice will be heard and your ideas may help transform the future of the Medical Center.

How are you going to use my information?

The first goal of IdeaShare is to learn about a new way of sharing and connecting with each other. But we know there will be great ideas to come from this.

What happens after IdeaShare ends?

On June 19, we will turn off IdeaShare, assess what we’ve learned and identify how we may best carry these ideas forward. You’ll see a report of what we learned in the VUMC Reporter.

Is there information I can share with my faculty or staff?

Yes, we have put together some talking points. Download and print the PDF for your reference.

If you have any questions, or would like someone from the IdeaShare team to present to your staff in person, please email:

How can I keep up with what’s going on with IdeaShare?

Updates will be published in the VUMC Reporter and in MyVUMC. You can see updates when you login to your IdeaShare account. And you’ll get an email when IdeaShare moves from idea sharing to idea voting.