Prevention Studies

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Oral Insulin Study

You may be able to join TrialNets Oral Insulin Study if the test results from the Natural History Study show that you have insulin autoantibodies. Vanderbilt and other TrialNet sites are currently enrolling volunteers in the Oral Insulin Study.

The presence of insulin autoantibodies means that your immune system is reacting to your own insulin. There is evidence that if a person eats the same protein that their immune system is attacking, the immune system will stop its attack. This is called developing oral tolerance.
In a prior study called the Diabetes Prevention Trial, it was found that individuals who tested positive at a certain level for a diabetes-related autoantibody called insulin autoantibody (IAA) benefited from the use of oral insulin.
In the Oral Insulin Study, half of the participants will take capsules of insulin crystals. (Insulin taken by mouth does not lower blood glucose). Half of the participants will take capsules that look the same but do not contain insulin; this inactive substance is called a placebo.
Researchers will determine whether, over time, there is a difference between the groups in how many develop diabetes.
If you are interested in having either you or your child screened for their risk of developing Type 1 Diabetes and potential eligibility for this study, please contact Margo Black @ 615-936-TNET or 888-VU4-TNET or email: