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VUMC Regional Burn Center, 11 South VUH

Ali GrubbsHello and welcome to my unit!

I’m Ali Grubbs, MSN, RN, manager of the VUMC Regional Burn Unit, also known as 11 South.  We are located on the 11th floor (aka “the penthouse”) of Vanderbilt University Hospital.

The environment on our unit is team-oriented, dynamic, and warm-literally and figuratively.

We care for adult and pediatric patients of all ages who are being treated for burn injuries of all mechanisms. Our patients are unique because we are the only unit that gets to care for both adult and pediatric patients at Vanderbilt University Hospital! We also get to care for them throughout the entire continuum of care starting with ICU, stepdown, and all the way through discharge.

One of the perks of working on my unit is we value teamwork above all else.  We are truly a family!

Our nurses are successful because they have positive attitudes, a passion for excellent patient care, and each other’s encouragement and support.

We orient new nurses to our unit by providing a unit-specific orientation to ICU, stepdown, and the hydrotherapy room.  

Our unit is in the Adult Critical Care Medicine track of the Nurse Residency Program.

We encourage professional growth. 
If your career goal is specialized critical care, the VUMC Regional Burn Unit can help with this by providing opportunities to care for burn patients of all ages and mechanisms.

If you have any questions about my unit, please email me at or visit Nursing Careers at Vanderbilt to explore open nursing positions.

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beds Stepdown = 15
ICU = 8
ratio Stepdown = 1:3
ICU = 1:2
certifications - ACLS
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The decision to become a burn nurse is a commitment to become an active member of a team of nutritionists, occupational and physical therapists, child life therapists, nurse practitioners, surgeons and nurses — who play a vital role in all phases of healing.”
Crystal B., RN
"I thought I knew the Burn unit was where I wanted to work before I started. One year out, and my perspective is renewed on what a privilege it is to take care of our patients every time I clock-in. I am pushed to grow here each day by the spirit of those I work alongside and due to the progress we are constantly making to give our patients the best care."
McKinsey P., BSN, RN