Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE)

Im Jane Hicks, MSN, RN. I am the manager of the Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) unit located in 7 Round Wing of VUMCs Medical Center North.

To work in the ACE unit, our nurses need to complete Basic Arrhythmia and Basic Life Support courses in addition to having a Registered Nursing license to care for our patient population.

Jane Hicks, MSN, RN
Acute Care of the Elderly Unit (ACE)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Unit Highlights:

Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
Geriatric Care Adults (65 and older) 22
  • Geriatric Certification (optional)
  • Medical Surgical Certification (optional)

About Us

The ACE Unit, located in Medical Center North at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, is fast-pased and focused on acute medicine. Acute Care of the Elderly is the specialty of this 22 bed unit, which cares for patients 65 years of age and older.

The mission of the ACE Unit is to provide compassionate, quality care that is respectful, patient/family-centered, safe, and cost efficient. Our nurses are able to utilize evidence-based guidelines and specialized gerontology nursing education in caring for the patients on the ACE Unit. The staff experiences the professional satisfaction that comes with making a difference every day for their patients and families, while expanding their critical care knowledge base and applying critical thinking skills to understand and intervene in the care of their patients.

Our population of patients may include patients with any number of co-morbidities, including neurological, respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, renal and endocrine medical conditions.

All beds are appropriate for telemetry and sp02 monitoring.

Management structure of the Ace Unit consists of the Unit Manager and 3 Clinical Staff Leaders and Nurse Educator. Each Clinical Staff Leader is responsible for 18-20 staff.
The staff is composed of RNs, Care Partners and Medical Receptionists.
RN assignments are determined by patient census and acuity. Normal RN ratios are 5:1.

All RNs complete a centralized hospital and nursing orientation, in addition to the unit orientation. The unit-specific Ace Unit competency-based orientation is structured to fit the needs of the experience level of the RN. In addition to a clinical, preceptor-based bedside orientation, RNs attend classes in basic arrhythmia and BLS.

Experience Needed
RNs with at least 6 months of med/surg nursing practice are considered for positions on the ACE Unit.

Additional Facts
We are members of NICHE and follow the educational guidelines provided by NICHE. (Nursing Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders).

Recruitment Information:


Click to ApplyIf you are interested in applying to this unit, please visit Work at Vanderbilt: Achieve the Remarkable for current open positions.

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                 medicine, geriatrics, telemetry, acute care                 
Nurse Residency ProgramThis unit/area is a part of the Adult Medicine Track in the Nurse Residency Program.
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