Renee - Adult Emergency Room

Recognized by a Colleague

I would like to honor Renee by nominating her to appear as a Home Page Nurse on our site.

Renee is a fabulous nurse!  She goes above and beyond with any task she is given.  I worked with her when she was a Charge Nurse in Peds ED.  Renee always strives to keep the patient satisfaction high while taking care of her nurses and care partners in the process.  There was never a time when she wouldn’t put on a gown and gloves and get involved to assist with patient load.  She always maintains confidentiality among colleagues and is very professional at all times.  Renee recently decided to make the switch from the Peds ED to the Adult ED.  Our team in the Peds ED was very sad to hear this news although we do wish her the best.  The Adult ED has gotten a wonderful nurse and I am sure they will soon concur with all that I have said.

Renee M, BSN, RN
Research Nurse Specialist II
Dept. of Emergency Medicine:  Pediatric Research
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

Renee's Story

My three wonderful children, with whom I’ve been blessed, are my number one inspiration.  They have gotten me through the hurdles of becoming a nurse and continue to inspire me still.  I went through nursing school as a single mom, and sometimes didn't think I could do it.  It turned out raising them was not the difficult part, but what carried me through.  I owe them so much each and every day.  I want them to know you can do anything, despite being a single parent.  Always hold your head high, and choose a career you can be proud of.

My second inspiration is my patients.  I recently switched from working in the Peds ED to the Adult ED.  I felt a need to expand my knowledge and comfort zone.  I have been a Pediatric nurse from the very beginning and worked in several pediatric specialty care areas including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and the Pediatric Emergency Room.  I will always have a love for "my kids."  There is a true satisfaction in knowing you change someone’s life every time you go to work, whether it is the parents or the children themselves.  Even in difficult, emotional situations you are the one that people turn to.  It is a wonderful, fulfilling peace. 

What do I like most about working at Vanderbilt University Medical Center?  This is easy.  My co-workers!  Whether it is the Peds ED or the Adult ED, Vanderbilt molds a different breed.  Everyone has "your back."  It’s an amazing feeling.  No matter how busy you get, or how sick your patients are, there is always someone there to help you out.  This kind of teamwork and dedication ranges from our management to our volunteers, and everyone in between.  I feel privileged to be able to say I am a part of this.

As for my professional goals I have finally grabbed the bull by the horns and started a Master's program.  I am pursuing my Master's in Nursing education.  I have started teaching clinicals on the side for Lipscomb University.  I have truly enjoyed being a part of the molding of new nurses, and hope to continue to do so in many different ways. 

I pray to always have the compassion I have for my patients and co-workers, and the knowledge to remind myself of it if it ever falters.

Renee, BSN, RN, CPN
Adult Emergency Room 

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