Amy - Vanderbilt LifeFlight

My inspiration to become a nurse came after I spent time as a caregiver at VUMC.  Watching the nurses care for my husband, treating him like family, treating ME like family, there was something special about the care they gave us!  After he died, I kicked around the idea of becoming a nurse and someone very close to me told me this: “You have what it takes to give care to people, to say 'I know how you feel'.  You just need to learn the BOOK stuff!”  Being a single mother at 25 years old, living away from my family (800 miles away in TX) and having three small children, all under the age of 5 was an obstacle in persuing my nursing career, but I found that I have way more determination than even "I" thought back then!

An integral part of my nursing and leadership exposure has been through my career of Flight Medicine.  While working collaboratively with a partner you are expected to take VUMC outside of the walls of the institution, while ensuring that all credo behaviors are met.  My experiences have afforded me exposure to challenging transports with some of the most complex patients; such as cardiac, trauma, medical ICU, neuro, and pediatric patients.  However the training afforded me during my orientation at LifeFlight has prepared me to represent Vanderbilt exceedingly well.  In addition, while at LifeFlight, I have assisted with teaching at Outreach functions to include: EMS Night Out, Pals instructor, and ACLS instructor.  Other leadership duties include: Preceptor, Initiating change of equipment in the aircraft, organizing and making equipment changes based upon evidence based practice, TNA Program planner for LifeFlight (including but not limited to IServe Conference), MCQI Committee member, and PR committee member. 

Having the opportunity to work with a group of AMAZING and intelligent team of nurses, while working at institution where education is bountiful is what motivates me to come in to work every day!  Teams of MD, RN, EMT-P, Communicators, ancillary staff -- all work together to give the best care to our patients!  Constant learning is the standard at VUMC and I embrace the opportunity to provide care and show compassion to patients and their families at their weakest moment!

I am married to a wonderful man named Steve, who has co-parented our children, Tyler, Riley, and Abbey.  He has been a blessing and a joy since the day he came into our lives.  I am very lucky to have two wonderful men in my life!  I enjoy running (thanks to a fellow flight nurse and his persistence!), outdoor activities, reading, and traveling.  I used to be the girl who didn’t like to sweat and didn’t want a hair out of place.  Life changes and coming out of your box is a good part of it!  You learn to change with it and like a lot of the “new you!” 

I tell people that I was not “born” a flight nurse, or emergency nurse.  I was born an oncology nurse.  That type of nursing will always be close to my heart.  But I will tell you this: Successful nursing is about focusing on QUALITY... NOT QUANTITY!  Let the doctors focus on quantity, and you’ll help the patient heal with love!


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