Practicing Nursing at a Magnet Designated Organization

Practicing nursing at a Magnet designated organization is different because you are an integral part of a unique culture/environment which provides:

  •  Participatory management style through Nursing Bylaws and Shared Governance, which supports unit/clinic based decision-making and nursing representation at all levels of the organization
  • Strong, supportive, knowledgeable nursing leadership who value staff and  are visible and accessible 
  • Personnel policies and programs that are competitive, are created with staff involvement and provide a generous reward and recognition system 
  • Professional models of care with strong interdisciplinary team work that support the autonomous practice of nursing 
  • Use of evidence-based practice standards that support high-quality patient outcomes and continued quality improvement with nursing involvement in data collection and decision-making related to patient care delivery 
  • Recognition for nurses as valued and respected team members throughout the organization 
  • A wealth of resources for consultation and support; including educators, advanced practice nurses, specialty defined clinical nurse specialists and easily accessible on-line resources including our Medical Library 
  • An environment that provides opportunities for professional development and advancement, mentoring, and recognizes nurses as teachers 
  • A strong commitment to the community and nurses are supported to participate in community activities and projects 
  • A message to our community (patients/families) that we are committed to providing the best care possible. 


  VUMC Magnet Designation