Tips for Success: Planning a Nurses' Week Celebration in Your Unit/Area

The recognized successes of past individual unit/area Nurses’ Week Celebrations held throughout VUMC involved the collaboration of unit/area team members with pre-planned goals, expectations, timelines, and defined roles and responsibilities.  

Because of this, the Nurses’ Week Planning Committee recommends the Nursing Leadership Team enroll the active involvement of team members such as Unit Board members, etc.

Tips for Success

Create a Planning Committee for your Area!
The Nurses’ Week Committee recommends a team approach for planning Nurses' Week Celebrations in your unit/area.  The leadership of the management team is key, but true success depends on involvement of staff members (Unit Board Members, Unit Board Sub-Committee, or any interested Nurses).  The team approach will create synergy & enhance creativity!

Identify enthusiastic, creative individuals who are good at completing projects!  Nursing leadership should collaborate closely with the Planning Committee for your Area to help guide and ensure key planning dates are met.

It’s never too early to start planning.  Better preparation makes for better celebrations!

• Multiple small scale events rather than one main event
• Avoid departmental time frames for peak activity
• Change of shift time frame targets both shifts
• Distribution of Nurses Weeks gifts can also be a time
• Plan an event to include the distribution of Nurses’ Week gifts
• Food is always popular

Creativity and thoughtfulness should fund these events as opposed to relying on funding from departmental budgets especially during these economic times.

You might seek contributions from your physicians as they often want to do something special during this week of honoring nurses, but just need a nudge in the right direction.  They are often willing to help fund an event if asked. 


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How are YOU Celebrating? Share your ideas!

What made past Nurses' Week Celebrations successful in your area/unit?  Share your Tips for Success! 

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