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I’m Laura Lawson Webb, BSN, RN-BC.  I am the manager of the Child and Adolescent Unit located on the second floor of Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital.

Laura Lawson Webb, BSN, RN-BC
Child and Adolescent Unit
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Unit Highlights:


Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds           Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
 Comprehensive family-centered treatment of children Child Side (ages 4-12)
Adolescent Side (ages 5-18)
  • Board Certified in Psychiatric Nursing strongly encouraged

About Us:

The child and adolescent program provides excellent care to children ages 4-18.  We utilize milieu therapy, groups, recreational therapy, family sessions, gym, swimming and last but not least, our therapy dog, Mika!!  Our scheduled daily activities include poetry groups, family visits and psychoeducational groups.

Our unit fosters a strong sense of team.  We have doctors, nurses, social workers, mental health specialists, discharge planners, and utilization managers working closely every day in treatment teams.  We approach every family as a unique support system and structure and strive to restore healthy functioning.  Every family and patient are part of our team!

We have staff who speak Spanish, use sign-language, and have accelerated interests in the care of autism spectrum patients.  Our groups reflect a deep commitment to approaching mental health issues in a warm compassionate manner.

Nurses and mental health specialists work closely in the milieu to provide a safe environment while striving to encourage  individualism, comfort, and expression.  Our Unit Board has worked diligently with our attending physicians to provide education while fostering a sense of empowerment with unit-based decisions.  Unit staff have a personal investment in each patient’s care.  Communication within the team ensures continuity of care and clarity for family members during treatment.

We are growing by leaps and bounds.  It is exciting to imagine where we will be in a year.  Our shared vision of growth, warmth, and team will usher in greater resources and partnered approach with the Children’s Hospital.



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