Rebecca Clark Culpepper: Her Story

Becky Culpepper was a member of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center community from 1977 to 1995.  In her 18 years at Vanderbilt she served in the following roles: Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing Administration, Assistant Hospital Director, Director of Staff Development for the Department of Patient Care Services, and Director of the Center for Nursing Continuing Education.  Prior to coming to Vanderbilt her career path depicts one that was aimed at elevating the profession of nursing, serving as an instructor in colleges of nursing in Tennessee and Mississippi, Executive Director of the Tennessee Nurses Association and Assistant Head Nurse in Texas.

Becky’s vision was to bring education to all levels of nursing.  In The Reporter article dated April 2005, Marilyn Dubree, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Executive Chief Nursing Officer was quoted, “[Becky’s] leadership was instrumental in helping to build a strong foundation for nursing practice, education and leadership.”  In that same article, Colleen Conway-Welch, Ph.D., dean of the Vanderbilt School of Nursing, stated, “She was a very able and knowledgeable leader, very intuitive about patients’ needs and colleagues’ professional and personal needs, and very caring of people.  She was an acknowledged leader in the area of nursing administration and an unfailing source of wise counsel for us at the School of Nursing.”  Becky had the honor of working along side one of Vanderbilt’s other nursing legends, Rosamond Gabrielson.

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