To work in the Obstetrics unit, our nurses need to have expert clinical assessment skills, exhibit a compassionate approach to providing patient care in a family-centered environment, an appreciation for the culturally diverse population that we serve, and an understanding of the varying social and economic conditions that our patients face.


Unit Highlights:


Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds           Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
Obstetrics Adult women of
childbearing age
  • NRP certification
  • BLS certification

About Us:

Our unit specializes in caring for women who have been hospitalized for some aspect of their pregnancy management.  The majority of our patients are women who have experienced childbirth in the Labor & Delivery Unit.  We care for mothers who have had either low-risk or complicated deliveries, as well as women who have experienced losses.  We also care for women who are not in labor, but have encountered complications with their pregnancies and need to be hospitalized for management of their care.

Our focus of care is in large part patient education.  Teaching mothers to care for themselves and their newborn infants is one of the primary responsibilities of our nurses.  We also teach women to monitor and manage their diabetes during pregnancy, as well as other common pregnancy complications.

A typical shift for our nurses includes managing care for patients through assessments, medication administration, fetal monitoring, grief support, lactation support, education, and planning for discharge.  Our nurses work with low nurse to patient ratios, and report high job satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent care for our patients and we strive to build strong therapeutic relationships with patients and their families.



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