Labor and Delivery

Welcome to the Labor and Delivery Unit at Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital!

Our unit specializes in caring for women throughout the childbearing cycle. We care for healthy mothers with well babies, as well as for mothers with complex diseases and high-risk pregnancies. Nurses in our unit must have the ability to think critically and adapt to sudden acuity changes. One day you may be assisting a C-section on twins while  the next day, you could be taking care of a preterm labor patient or helping a patient who is laboring naturally in the tub. Our nurses are the calm in the middle of the storm. We don’t get bored, and there are many opportunities to learn new skills. This is the only unit in the hospital where nurses will have two patients in one; how you care for the mom impacts the baby and vice versa. Nurses with Emergency Department or ICU experience generally find our unit a good fit. Our unit teamwork is second to none. Our entire team works well together and is quick to jump in and help each other. One reason is because they’re not only coworkers and colleagues, but friends as well. Our Unit Board plans several activities outside of work — whether it’s bowling or skating or meeting for dinner. I’ve been a nurse for 23 years, and I learn something new every day on this unit. Patients are a little sicker, and we’re busier, but I still feel like we give the best care in the city — hands down. I would put my staff up against any other labor and delivery unit in the state. My management team members and I have all worked on the unit — on the frontlines — and we’re all very invested in our unit’s success. I try to visit all areas of the unit daily and even come in some nights to connect with the night nurses. I give all my staff my cell phone number and empower them to call me, text me with any problems as well as solutions. If you can think fast on your feet and want to experience the miracle of life, apply now and join us!

Shannon White, BSN, RN, EFM-C
Labor and Delivery Nurse Manager


Location Locations
•    Fourth floor of Vanderbilt University Hospital
•    Fourth floor of Medical Center East (MCE) – Maternal Special Care Unit
Nurse to Patient Ration Nurse to Patient Ratio
•    OR = 1:1
•    L&D = 1:2
•    MSC = 1:3
Beds Number of Beds
1:4 and 12 LDR's
Maternal Specail Care Unit: 6 Beds with a 4 bay triage
Focus of Care Patient Profile
Primarily adult pregnant women and newborn babies
Unit Team Staff Mix
•    Registered Nurses
•    Surgical Technicians
•    Medical Receptionists
Certifications Required Certifications
•    RN Licensure
•    BLS
•    ACLS
•    NRP
Shift Rotations Rotation/Shifts
•    12 hour shifts
awards Awards
•    Excellence in Healthcare Top Performer Award
Nurse Residency Program Our unit is part of VUMC's Nurse Residency Program
www Visit Vanderbilt Women's Health for more information
Nursing Careers at Vanderbilt


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“We are considered a critical care unit and will receive multiple transports from other hospitals because we take the sickest patients here. We have a lot of emergencies and require quick thinking, but you are never alone on this unit. You will always have the entire staff behind you to help manage our patients. Getting to bring another human into the world is truly the most amazing job one could have.”

Stayci M., RN
Labor & Delivery

“It is incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding. I've never experienced both life and death in such tangible reality, sometimes within the same moment. You get to come alongside and champion women and families in intimate, critical, ‘once in a lifetime’ moments every day. Working on this unit has made me better, both personally and professionally, and challenged my perception of what a group of people passionately pursuing the same goal can do together.”

McKenzie G., RN
Nurse Resident
Labor & Delivery