Cardiovascular Progressive Care

Shatika E. TaylorHello,

Welcome to the Cardiovascular Progressive Care and Cardiovascular Surgical Stepdown Units at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. My name is Shatika Taylor and I have the pleasure of managing both of these great units. We are privileged to provide expert nursing care to a diverse population of patients during their acute illness and recovery.

In order to work on either unit, you must possess strong assessment skills, critical thinking skills, strong communication skills as well as being adaptable to change and willingness to be a part of a fantastic team of healthcare providers. You must have the ability to focus and prioritize according to a patients rapidly changing clinical condition

Shatika Taylor, MSN, APRN
Nurse Manager
Inpatient Cardiology
Cardiovascular Progressive Care Unit
Cardiovascular Stepdown Unit

Unit Highlights:

Focus of Care Patient Demographic Number of Beds Certifications of Our Nursing Staff
Adults (18 and older) 22 private rooms

3:1 or 4:1
Patient: Nurse
  • BLS
  • Basic Arrhytmia
  • ACLS
  • PCCN (not required
    but encouraged).

About Us
Our unit is a fast-paced, high acuity unit comprised of 22 inpatient, private beds. Each room has an ICU set-up with monitors, computers, and carts.

Our patient population include post CAB (as early as POD 1), Heart Failure, Post MI, Post Intervention (stents, pacemakers, ablations), Vascular Surgery, and specific procedures designated only for 5s PCU: TAVRs, Mitral Clips, Pulmonary Artery Catheters for Heart Failure patients, and stable trached vents.

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Management structure consists of the Unit Manager and 3 Clinical Staff Leaders. Each Clinical Staff Leader is responsible 15-18 staff members as direct supervisor. The unit is also supported by a Nurse Educator.

The staff is composed of RNs, Patient Flow Nurses, Care Partners and Medical Receptionists.

All RNs complete a centralized hospital and nursing orientation in addition to the 6 week unit orientation. The unit-specific 5s competency-based orientation is structured to fit the needs of the experience level of the RN. In addition to a clinical, preceptor-based bedside orientation, RNs attend Intensive Care Education Classes, an 8 hour cardiac specific didactic class, basic arrhythmia, skills day, BLS, and ACLS.

Facts About Our Unit

  • Bedside Rounding and Hourly Rounding
  • Equipment /Devices utilized: Stable Trached Ventilators, PA Catheters, Pacemakers, Chest Tubes
  • Closely works and collaborates with the CVICU for training and resources
  • Active Nursing Shared Governance Unit Board and Education Committees
  • Many RN 3s and PCCN certified nurses

Awards and Recognitions

  • PRC 5-Star Award
  • VUMC Nurse Residency Program Teamwork Awards
  • Multiple Nurse Residency Preceptor Awards

Recruitment Information:

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Care Unit:
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