Urology and Surgical Patient Care Unit

Welcome to the Urology and Surgical Patient Care Unit!

Our unit specializes in the care of the postoperative surgical patient. We are the designated unit for urologic surgery postoperative patients — urology patients make up about half of our patient population — but we also care for other postoperative patients who have undergone gynecological surgery, emergency general surgery, plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, and oncology endocrine surgery among others. Our nurses spend time working with patients completing assessments, administering medications, and teaching our patients how to care for their incisions, wounds, and drains at home. They set goals collaboratively with our patients for pain control, activity, pulmonary toilette and any other concerns the patient finds important for their return home. It’s important for our patients to get up and moving and we do a good job at early mobilization. Nurses begin prepping our patients for discharge and start their education as soon as they arrive. This unit discharges between 10 and 15 patients every day, so this is a fast-paced environment, and nurses need to be able to work efficiently while also collaborating with providers, patients and their families. We value teamwork and take care of each other on this unit. Many of the nurses have been working together for many years so the unit feels more like a family. Our unit is also involved in research. We were the pilot unit for the implementation of non-acute monitoring — for example, continuous pulse oximetry — for earlier detection and reduction of episodes of narcotic induced respiratory depression, and to see if through earlier intervention we could decrease the need for rapid response escalation. Currently, our nurses are involved in a study to evaluate the use of end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring in the general acute care population. If you have a thirst for knowledge, can think and act quickly in a patient focused environment, apply now and join us!

Aaron Hirsch, MSN, RN
Manager, Urology Surgery (9S), Surgical Stepdown (9N)


Location Location
Ninth floor of Vanderbilt University Hospital
Nurse to Patient Ration Nurse to Patient Ratio
1:4 or 1:5
Number of Beds
Focus of Care Patient Profile
Adult acute surgery patients.
Unit Team Staff Mix
•    Registered Nurses
•    Care Partners
Certifications Required Certifications
•    RN Licensure
•    BLS
•    EOR Certification
Shift Rotations Rotation/Shifts
•    12 hour shifts, 36 hour week
•    Modified self-scheduling 
•    Team schedules holidays
Nurse Residency Program Our unit is part of VUMC's Nurse Residency Program
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“The support, friendliness, and encouragement of my peers make working the floor — even for 12 hours — an extraordinary experience. I seriously love what I do because of who I am surrounded by. Recently, I took a seat as co-chair of our Unit Board. I have enjoyed learning how to prepare and hold meetings so that my peers can have a voice in their workplace. This role in shared governance has really opened my eyes to the importance of empowering the staff to have a say in their workplace, prompting positive changes for the floor as a whole.”

Casey S., RN2, VPNPP
Urology Surgery (9S)

“What I love most about working on this unit is the idea that we are a family and everyone is there to support you. Being a new nurse to the unit, they took me right in as their own and have taught me so much that I will forever be grateful for. It goes beyond our 7-7 shifts, we have truly become a family and go to dinner together, text and call each other if we had a bad day, and are also there for each other's achievements. They are always there to boost your morale and wake you up in the morning and keep you going all day long.”

Eric H., RN
Nurse Resident
Urology Surgery (9S)