Welcome to the Myelosuppression Unit!

A progressive care unit, Myelosuppression specializes in stem cell transplant, benign and malignant hematologic diseases, oncology, chemotherapy, and symptom management. Our patients may have a long length of stay — most for two to three weeks, but some for a month or more — and are either undergoing stem cell transplants or clinical trials or have a new cancer diagnosis. A typical shift for our nurses includes caring for patients with the assistance of a care partner, administering chemotherapy and blood products and educating patients and their families on disease and treatment options. Being a cancer nurse is difficult. It requires keen assessment, courageous patient advocacy, critical thinking and crucial teamwork. Our patients get very sick; they struggle emotionally; and, at times, they need a lot from their nurses. It is important to be prepared to give a lot physically, mentally and emotionally but also to understand how to take care of yourself so you are able to rest and recharge. Because of the psychological demands of the job, we have a retreat room where staff can go and take a few minutes to regroup, rest, relax, pray, meditate or simply have a mini-break. We also try to maintain a supportive environment for patients and their families. We host a Fourth of July picnic, trick-or-treat with patients on Halloween and celebrate 12 Days of Giving during the winter holidays. We also take time to celebrate each other with “employee of the quarter” and “preceptor of the quarter” awards. Our leadership team is committed to creating a culture of shared governance, and we encourage staff to attend monthly Unit Board meetings. If you have a wealth of compassion and a willingness to learn, apply now and join us!

Martie Steinfeld, MSN, RN, BMTCN 
Myelosuppression Unit Manager


Location Location
Tenth floor of Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Critical Care Tower
Nurse to Patient Ration Nurse to Patient Ratio
Number of Beds
Focus of Care Patient Profile
Adult patients
Unit Team Staff Mix
•    Registered Nurses
•    Care Partners
•    Medical Receptionists
•    Nurse Educator
Certifications Required Certifications
•    RN Licensure
•    ACLS or EOR
Shift Rotations Rotation/Shifts
•    RN Licensure
•    BLS, ACLS w/in 12 months of hire date
•    Chemotherapy Certification after 6 months
•    Oncology and bone marrow transplant certifications encouraged
awards Awards
•    Five-Star Performance Award
•    Nurse Residency Program -
     Best Nursing Team Award for the Acute Care Medicine Track
•    Our Patient Satisfaction scores are in the top 10 percent nationally
Nurse Residency Program Our unit is part of VUMC's Nurse Residency Program
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“I came to Vanderbilt University Hospital's BMT/Hematology unit in 2006 as a new nurse to chemotherapy and hospital nursing. I immediately fell in love with the FIGHT as my experience was hospice and management. To be able to walk alongside my patients in probably the most important battle of their life has humbled and educated me.”

Susan B., RN3 
“I am most proud of the growth I have been able to see in my career on this unit. My managers have encouraged me to pursue wonderful opportunities, such as the evidence-based research fellowship, the patient flow nurse role, RSL and precepting. Now, I am working on advancing to my RN 4. I feel like I am becoming a well-rounded nurse and am equipped to continue to achieve goals in my career.”

Caroline G., RN3

“I'm proud to say that I get to help participate in health treatments that can literally save cancer patients' lives. It is amazing that Vanderbilt is able to participate in many clinical trials and that we as nurses get to serve on the front lines when it comes to delivering these new therapies.”

Haley G., RN2, CC, VPNPP