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Myelosuppression/Stem Cell Transplant, 10th Floor Critical Care Tower (10T3)

Hello and welcome to our unit!

I’m Martie Steinfeld, MSN, RN, BMTCN, manager of the Myelosuppression/Stem Cell Transplant unit, also known as 10T3.  We are located on the 10th floor of the Critical Care Tower at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

The environment on our unit is caring, compassionate, fast-paced, and centered around teamwork.

We care for adult patients over the age of 17 who are being treated for benign and malignant hematologic malignancies in addition to solid oncologic tumor symptom management. Our patients are unique because we administer cutting edge therapies, including stem cell and adoptive cellular therapies, to help our patients’ in their fight against their disease.

One of the perks of working on our unit is we take care of each other and have a respite room for staff.  This room was developed with a kind and generous donation from one of our patients for our team to take care of themselves.  It offers low lighting, a back and foot massager, and quiet soothing music.

Our nurses are successful because they work as a team, have strong assessment and communication skills, and love cutting-edge new therapies.

We orient new nurses to our unit by providing a 6 to 7-week orientation using dedicated nurse preceptors. 

Our unit is in the Adult Oncology track of the Nurse Residency Program.

We encourage professional growth. 
If your career goal is professional development in the world of oncology, the Myelosuppression/Stem Cell Transplant unit can help with this through continued education regarding chemotherapy, immunotherapy and cellular therapy education, clinical ladder advancement, and oncology or blood and marrow transplant certification. 
If you have any questions about my unit, please email me at or visit Nursing Careers at Vanderbilt to explore open nursing positions.


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“I came to Vanderbilt University Hospital's BMT/Hematology unit in 2006 as a new nurse to chemotherapy and hospital nursing. I immediately fell in love with the FIGHT as my experience was hospice and management. To be able to walk alongside my patients in probably the most important battle of their life has humbled and educated me.”
Susan B., RN3 
“I am most proud of the growth I have been able to see in my career on this unit. My managers have encouraged me to pursue wonderful opportunities, such as the evidence-based research fellowship, the patient flow nurse role, RSL and precepting. Now, I am working on advancing to my RN 4. I feel like I am becoming a well-rounded nurse and am equipped to continue to achieve goals in my career.”
Caroline G., RN3

“I'm proud to say that I get to help participate in health treatments that can literally save cancer patients' lives. It is amazing that Vanderbilt is able to participate in many clinical trials and that we as nurses get to serve on the front lines when it comes to delivering these new therapies.”
Haley G., RN2, CC, VPNPP