RN to BSN Belmont Program Pilot

The VUMC Nursing Tuition Assistance Benefit supports staff in their endeavors to further their nursing education.  Vanderbilt nurses attend a variety of different programs to earn BSN or MSN degrees.

VUMC and Belmont University have recently established a pilot for a cohort of staff interested in Belmont’s RN to BSN program.  The staff applying to participate in this pilot will advance through the program as a group.  The objective of the pilot is to better understand the needs of full time working staff going back to school and to identify methods of support.   

For more information on the RN to BSN Belmont pilot:

  • If interested in being part of the Belmont pilot, a first step is to have your transcript evaluated so that a personalized plan of study can be established based on what your past school coursework has been.  This is offered to you at no cost or obligation and can be done using an unofficial transcript.  Contact Kim Powell at Belmont (615-460-6850 or kim.powell@belmont.edu) if you would like a preliminary transcript evaluation.
  • For staff interested in the Fall 2013 pilot, it is important to start the evaluation and application process soon so we can know by April 1 who might be in the pilot group.
  • The Belmont staff can advise you about steps to take to explore other (non-Vanderbilt based) financial aid possibilities.
  • Click for the Belmont RN to BSN program website with some core information.
  • Click for an instant replay of the February 13, 2013 information session.

What if I am interested in a different program or a different degree?
There are many different school and different degree programs available to Vanderbilt staff.  The pilot with Belmont doesn’t change any of that and we are still supporting staff in many different programs. 

Click for general information about different types of degrees and different types of programs.  This might be a good place to start exploring if you are interested in more information.