Lesli - Cardiovascular Progressive Care

Recognized by a Colleague

Lesli is an excellent nurse due to her vigilance and professionalism.  She manages complex stepdown patients with great attention to detail, and I am always confident in her assessments.  One night, we had to take a patient on tube feeds and trach collar (!) down for multiple xrays.  Lesli did not bat an eye about the need to leave the floor and accompany the patient.  She does this all with a positive attitude.  It came to my attention recently that Lesli is dealing with her own medical challenges, and she is doing so with incredible grace.  She is leader on her unit and an excellent preceptor to new nurses.  I would have her care for myself or my family without question.

Meegan, ACNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner
Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute

Lesli's Story

Every one has a purpose in life and mine was to become a nurse.  I decided to go into nursing after helping my mother care for my grandmother after she developed a chronic illness.  While caring for my grandmother I had an epiphany that I was pretty good with getting her to take her medications, and taking care of her daily needs, such as bathing, feeding, etc.  So I decided to return to school for my second career in nursing.

The major obstacle which I encountered while pursuing my dream to become a nurse was the death of my grandmother.  During my second semester of nursing school she passed.  I was heartbroken that she did not get to see me graduate from nursing school but was grateful that she did know that I had been admitted to nursing school.

I have been a nurse since 2004.  I began as an Oncology nurse and transitioned to cardiac nursing after a stent in the float pool.  I came to Vanderbilt after my co-workers, Shirley and Nita recruited me from our former employer.  They convinced me that Vanderbilt was the place to work in Nashville.  We enjoyed working together so much that I followed them to Vanderbilt.

Currently I am a staff nurse on 5 South the Cardiovascular Progressive Care Unit at VUMC.  Our unit takes care of patients before and after cardiovascular surgery.

I am motivated to come to work each day because I love nursing and helping people.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.  I would like to share that I am a recent breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed after my first mammogram.  I am very thankful for the care received by my doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt Breast Center as well as the SICU and Surgical Stepdown unit.

Lesli, RN
Cardiovascular Progressive Care