Nurses' Week 2013 Awards and Recognition Recipients

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On Friday, May 3, 2013 Vanderbilt University Medical Center celebrated Nurses' Week with our annual Nursing Awards & Recognition Event.  Congratulations to all our nominees!  Below are the recipients and their thoughts on what it meant to be recognized amongst an exceptional list of nominees. 


Rosamond Gabrielson's Staff Nurse of the Year Award for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Jeff Wilson, BSN, RN3-CC
Perioperative Services

"As one progresses through their career, it naturally feels great to be recognized by their peers.  I do however feel that receiving this award is more importantly an opportunity to represent my peers and colleagues.  I work with a small group of people who are rarely recognized for their efforts and feel truely blessed to be surrounded and inspired by those people I work with.  I have seen amazing people do amazing things under amazing circumstances and those are the same people who motivate me to be the best nurse our patients and their families deserve."

Rosamond Gabrielson's Staff Nurse of the Year Award for Vanderbilt Medical Group
Jessica Stroh, RN
Neurology Clinic

"I feel lucky to work daily with such exemplary nurses.  It is a privilege to be recognized by my colleagues during Nurse’s Week."

Rosamond Gabrielson's Staff Nurse of the Year Award for
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Michelle Estes, RN2
VPH Adult I

"I am blessed to be part of a passionate nursing team at VPH.  While my patients drive my passion for nursing, my co-workers inspire me.  They motivate and encourage me to learn continuously, provide compassionate care, and advance my career.  They are truly incredible people.  To be recognized by those people who inspire me is an honor.  I am thankful and humbled by this award and will challenge myself to maintain character and career worthy of it."

Rosamond Gabrielson's Staff Nurse of the Year Award for Vanderbilt University Hospital
Brenda Hughey, RN3
9 South, General Surgery

"It was a great  honor just  to be nominated.  WOW!  HIGHLIGHT OF MY ALMOST 19 YEARS AT VANDERBILT!  Thanks to all my peers.  It takes all of us to provide excellent care."

Rebecca Clark Culpepper Education and Mentorship Award
Margie Gale, MSN, RN
Employee Assistance Program Nurse Wellness Specialist

"Deeply fulfilling.  I have been given so much by all my nurse colleagues past and present.  I have so much to pay forward."

Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year Award
Michelle R Collins, PhD, RN, CNM
Associate Professor of Nursing
Director, Nurse-Midwifery Program
Vanderbilt School of Nursing


Licensed Practical Nurse of the Year Award
Patty Russell, LPN2
University Pediatrics - One Hundred Oaks


Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Award
Tony Smith, DNP, RN, ACNP
Coordinator of Clinical Education - LifeFlight

"To be singled out as an individual, honestly it was a humbling and overwhelming, but as I walked up to the stage and had many people congratulate me, I began feeling proud.  Not necessarily proud of myself but proud to represent my team.  The team I work with on a day to day basis makes what I do compelling and gratifying.  The LifeFlight team encourages and challenges each individual to do their best.  I can also say that without the support of TCM for the past 15 years, I would not have been able to achieve what I have accomplished.  Having the encouragement from my team and my partner pushes me to continue to press on to the next challenge."

Educator of the Year Award
Venus Manuel, MSN, RN
Nurse Educator, 5 South Cardiac Progressive Care
and 6 South Cardiac Short Stay

Team Award
LifeFlight Education and Outreach Team 

"The LifeFlight Mission is to provide unparalleled patient care while maintaining the highest safety standards
with the most qualified personnel.  We endeavor to provide quality education to our colleagues, promote continuous
improvement, and form collaborative partnerships within our communities.
Getting the team award was a great honor.  The award recognizes the dedication, contributions and strong work of each individual on the LifeFlight team.  It's these attributes, and the 100% attitude of success that makes the mission statement a TRUE STATEMENT.  To get this award fills one with pride and celebrates that working with this team is a great privilege.  The phrase "this is what we do" is a common phrase said around LifeFlight, but "its what we do" that makes us the BEST."

Transformational Nursing Leader Award
April Kapu, MSN, RN, ACNP
Assistant Director, Advanced Practice

 "I must say that I was stunned!  I immediately thought of the leaders who have been fantastic mentors and have created an environment of empowerment to excel.  I am so appreciative of a culture supports innovation and excellence in care.  I am also very grateful to be in a position to support and advocate for nurses and nurse practitioners.  This role has also provided a tremendous opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary professionals from multiple disciplines.  So yes!  I was quite surprised, but so reminded of how grateful I am to be here and among so many talented people."

Friend of Nursing Award
Murali K. Kolli, M.D.
Assistant Professor - Cardiovascular Medicine
Vanderbilt Heart, Murfreesboro

"It is a great honor for myself, but also for our entire staff at VHVI in Murfreesboro.  It is important to understand that this award is a reflection of our wonderful staff.  We have been on a journey of change.  The main idea of this journey has been to empower our Nursing to staff to be advocates for our patients.  We have reiterated that the primary mission for our nursing staff is to care for the patient and not the doctor.  The entire staff has embraced this ideal and have been instrumental in our pursuit of meeting and exceeding the patient’s needs.  My personal recognition is only possible because of all those that shine around me."

Spirit of Nursing Award
Michele Stratton, RN2-CC
Children's Radiology

"It was an honor to recieve the Spirit of Nursing award.  I knew Donna Williams and had great respect for her.  She was a very fair manager, and a lovely person."

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