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Welcome to Vanderbilt Home Care Services!
Vanderbilt Home Care Services (VHCS) is a full-service home health provider staffed by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who provide skilled, intermittent care to multiple patients a day in their homes. Patients seen by our intermittent team have a wide variety of diagnoses and include pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. Our private duty division is also staffed by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who work minimal shifts of four hours and deliver primary care of a one-on-one basis to patients in their homes. Our private duty patients typically have either a feeding tube, tracheostomy tube or are dependent on a ventilator. Most of our private duty patients are infants or children, so we recruit nurses who have a strong desire to work with a pediatric population. VHCS requires all nurses have a minimum of one-year clinical experience because of the high patient acuity and the autonomy required to succeed in home health. One of the major advantages of working in home care is the opportunity to independently manage your patients’ care in coordination with the physician and other team members. In addition, home care allows clinicians to develop rapport with patients to achieve the patient’s goals of care in their own environment. Becoming familiar with the patient and family schedules and routines allow our nurses to recognize signs and symptoms earlier. Home care also offers our staff a flexible work schedule. We offer full-time, part-time, and PRN positions which means nurses aren’t tied to a 12-hour hospital shifts. Full-time, benefitted staff are also eligible for tuition reimbursement. While home health affords an autonomous work environment, the strong office based clinical leadership team and extensive orientation program provides nurses with the support to succeed. Finally, the opportunity to participate in a shared governance culture and attend Vanderbilt University Medical Center sponsored continuing education and conferences sets our agency apart. If you’d like to join a strong, supportive team while building meaningful relationships with your patients, apply now and join us!

Andrea Calhoun, RN ​
Director of Nursing 
Vanderbilt Home Care Services


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