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Summer F.

Summer is a second-degree nurse.  The Nurse Residency Program set her up for success to pursue her new career goals!

Summer 1What has been your career path?  Where are you now on your path? 
I am a second-degree nurse that chose the VUMC Nurse Residency path.  After visiting the HR/PACU, I loved the fast-pace, high degree of collaboration and team work, and the variety of patients that you manage.  I have always had a heart to use research to improve my nursing skills and my patient care.  I have had so much fun building a research study for our unit and partnering with many others to complete the research study on our unit.  I am a Quality Improvement Analyst and, in addition to Evidence-Based Practice Research, I have learned a lot about the discipline of Quality Improvement and its use in the clinical environment.  In my career path, I am currently having fun with all of the resources that we have at Vanderbilt!  I was honored to go to Kenya in March 2017 to do nursing research and quality improvement. I am working on writing manuscripts for publication on my Kenya work, as well as the research work done on our unit.  Through this work, I was happy to receive my RN 4 last year through VPNPP (Vanderbilt's Professional Nurse Practice Program).

How did Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Nurse Residency Program support your transition to practice? What has the experience meant to you? 
I loved the Nurse Residency Program and felt that it set me up for success!  In such a big institution, I felt that the program helped teach me nursing fundamentals, but also I learned about so many different opportunities and resources that Vanderbilt has, such as our Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Fellowship program.

Did you consider other residency programs?  Why did you choose Vanderbilt? 
Yes, I did consider other residency programs.  I chose Vanderbilt because the amount of resources available to nurses to diversify, hone, and launch their nursing career.

Summer 2What is it about being a Vanderbilt nurse that makes you proud? 
I love being a Vanderbilt Nurse because I can be excellent, compassionate, and creative.  The Vanderbilt Nursing culture empowers and launches nurses into doing things that at other hospitals could be impossible.  I believe the Vanderbilt Nursing culture is so unique and I am so fortunate to be a part of it!