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Kiki kick-started her nursing career with VUMC’s LPN Transition to Practice Program and
has since enhanced her career and education.

What has been your career path? Where are you now on your path?
I started my LPN program in January of 2014 and graduated in December of 2014.  I began the GPN program in January of 2015.  In January 2016, I started my LPN-RN bridge program and graduated with my ASN in December of that same year.  I am currently working as an RN and considering an MSN program.


How did the VUMC LPN Transition to Practice program support your transition to practice? What has the experience meant to you?
Being a part of the LPN Transition to Practice Program gave me the opportunity to get hired as a new LPN.  Many places require experience.  I had absolutely no medical background and being involved in this program helped the transition into the medical field to be a smooth one.


Did you consider other programs? Why did you choose Vanderbilt?
I had spoken with a few other potential employers, but I knew Vanderbilt had a strong name.  I decided as a new nurse, I wanted to learn from the best from the very beginning.

What is it about being a Vanderbilt nurse that makes you proud?
I am proud of how Vanderbilt treats their patients.  I am proud that Vanderbilt does not cut corners and I am proud that we make our patients the number one priority.