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Nursing News from Marilyn Dubree (archives)

Nursing News Archives


  • September:  VUMC Nurse Residency Program Accredited; Nursing Skills Escape Room
  • August:
  • July: VPNPP Program Re-Launch; DAISY Award Recipients
  • June: 2019 VUMC Nursing Honors
  • May:  Defining Personalized Care Module; Nurse's Grant for Pediatric Patient Stimulator
  • April:  Award recipients; New cohort of Clinical Nurse Scholars
  • March:  Nurses Create Organ Donor Memorial; Nurses Week May Events
  • February:  VUMC, VUSN honored at March of Dimes Awards; download VandySafe app
  • January:  DAISY Award Recipients; Nurses Week Nominations


  • December:  Bylaws Convention; Vanderbilt Nurses attend Magnet Conference
  • November:  Spotlight on DAISY Award Luncheon; Gabrielson honored at VUMC event
  • October:  Advance Practice Bootcamp; Octoberfest Now Trending Educational event
  • September:  Transplant Nurse Fellowship; Q&A with Nurse Leaders Barb Shultz & Michael Darden
  • August:  Nursing Staff Bylaws Retreat; Obstetrics, Newborn Nursery to get Couplet Care
  • July:  Launch of the Empowered Nurse; DAISY Award for VUMC Nurses
  • June:  VUMC Nursing Honors; a surprise visit from the TODAY show
  • May:  Spotlight on Clinical Nurse Scholars; Nurses Week 2018
  • April:  VUMC Nurses working in Guyana; Julie Foss retires after three decades in MICU