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Hello and welcome to my unit!

I’m Eva Montgomery-Lewis, BSN, RN, manager of the Mother Baby Obstetrics unit, also known as 4 East MBO. We are located on the 4th floor of Medical Center East at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

The environment on our unit is supportive and friendly and provides high-quality care for patients in a dynamic and fast-paced setting.

We care for women of all ages, as well as newborns, from the healthiest to those requiring complex health care needs. Our population consists of mother baby dyads, stable antepartum, and occasionally patients with benign gynecological diagnoses or surgeries.
Our patients are unique because they are experiencing life-changing events and we get to be involved and support them along the way.

One of the perks of working on my unit is the excellent teamwork and work life connections with an amazing staff!

Our nurses are successful because they have excellent clinical assessment skills and are committed to providing the best possible care to the patients we serve.

We orient new nurses to our unit by providing a personalized approach with a range of 6-8 weeks for unit specific orientation with dedicated preceptors.

Our unit is in the Women’s Health track of the Nurse Residency Program.

We encourage professional growth.
If your career goal is professional growth in a supportive environment, Mother Baby Obstetrics unit can help with this by providing you with strong clinical experiences in both Women’s Health and neonatology.

If you have any questions about my unit, please email me at, or visit Nursing Careers at Vanderbilt to explore open nursing positions.

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beds = 32 adult
+ 18 infants
ratio = 1:5 or 1:6
certifications - BLS
perks Vanderbilt
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"4 East has such a strong sense of teamwork and commitment to each other and our patients. I feel incredibly supported by my peers, and in turn this support empowers me to give my patients the best care possible. 4 East is a safe and happy place to continuously learn and grow as a nurse."
LeeAnn C., BSN, RN
“I love the teamwork, feeling like a family.  Also, the best management team around!”
Teresa W., BSN, RN
“I love 4 East because our management team is amazing! They set the tone for how our unit operates & patient safety is a priority.”
Margaret T., BSN, RN
“Working on 4 East is like working with family.  You are never alone, and everyone is always willing to help when you needed it without even asking.  I would let any of these amazing women take care of me or my family.” 
Marcela L., BSN, RN