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Fellowship Training Program Overview

The independent residency in vascular and endovascular surgery of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a two-year ACGME-approved fellowship preparing surgeons for a career in vascular surgery. Trainees receive extensive training in all aspects of care for vascular disease, including medical management, endovascular therapy, and open operations. The fellowship is based on a distinctive two-year curriculum, with the first year focused on gaining endovascular skills, achieving expertise in noninvasive testing, and performing a wide range of open operations. The second year is an intensive clinical experience in complex endovascular and open procedures.

During the two years, fellows receive extensive training in endovascular therapy, including diagnostic angiography, angioplasty and stenting, atherectomy devices, and endovascular grafts to treat aneurysmal disease of the thoracic and abdominal aorta. Graduates also receive training in advanced open and hybrid- procedures such as thoracoabdominal aneurysm repair and debranching procedures. By the end of the second year, trainees have typically performed approximately 1,500 operations covering the full range of pathology in arterial, venous, and lymphatic disease.

Faculty members in the Division of Vascular Surgery oversee a wide spectrum of research programs, and fellows are encouraged to participate in basic or clinical research. During the first year, fellows are expected to develop a patient safety project, and many of these have evolved into clinical research studies leading to publication in peer review journals. Fellows may also participate in ongoing basic science projects in funded research laboratories.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is an ideal place to train. Vanderbilt's winning qualities include our community and regional location, nationally highly ranked medical and surgical programs, high quality faculty and funded research. Vanderbilt's hometown Nashville is a vibrant, energetic community that embraces innovation and invention, of which Vanderbilt is a major part.


Patrick Stone, M.D.
Program Director
Professor of Surgery