Varicose Vein Treatments

Diagnostic Testing

Venous duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive, pain free way to assess the condition of both your deep and superficial veins. Utilizing ultrasound, the technician and surgeon are able to visualize blood flow and the effectiveness of the valves in the veins to prevent blood from flowing down toward the feet ("venous reflux" or "incompetent valves"). This study is performed in the clinic and typically takes 30 minutes.

Surgical Treatments

Minimally Invasive Treatments

• EVLT (Endoluminal Ablation)
This procedure uses laser technology to internally close off large veins that have valve abnormalities. These larger veins may be supplying blood flow to other varicose veins in the leg. EVLT does not remove large vein clusters or treat spider veins. Additional procedures like that provided by the Trivex system may be needed to remove remaining vein clusters.

• Trivex System
Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy is a reliable minimally invasive approach to vein removal. This procedure is performed in the operating room, under general anesthesia. The TriVex system requires few small incisions, and is a more complete approach to vein cluster removal. The surgeon passes a light source through a small incision, allowing visualization of the veins. A scoping device is passed through a second small incision, which actually removes the abnormal vein. Patients are discharged the same day with a brief recovery period.

Surgical Vein Removal

• Ambulatory Phlebectomy
This procedure may be used to remove varicose veins that are too large for sclerotherapy but too small for the TriVex system. It involves vein removal through tiny incisions. It is often used in conjunction with sclerotherapy to reduce the pressure in the smaller spider veins for a more pleasing cosmetic outcome.

• Vein Ligation and Stripping
This procedure is performed in the operating room. It involves tying off the affected vein through small incisions and then stripping the vein from the leg. This technique is typically used for removal of the saphenous vein from the leg. Patients are discharged the same day with a brief recovery period.

Cosmetic Treatment

Before cosmetic treatment can begin, a complete medical evaluation is performed to ensure that underlying conditions are treated, thereby enhancing cosmetic results.