Inpatient/Outpatient Access for Case Managers

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Visitation Procedure

  Case Manager Registration Process

 Vanderbilt Medical Center Administration has asked Corporate Health Services  to make certain that all case managers who come to patient appointments or visit an inpatient in our hospital be easily identifiable and have photo identification visible on them at all times in order to ensure that all HIPAA regulations are met and to ensure the safety of all who visit our facilities.

In order to accomplish this in the most streamlined manner,  Corporate Health Services will provide case managers with the required facility name badge.  To begin the process complete   REGISTRATION and CONFIDENTIALITY FORMS and fax both forms to Corporate Health at (615) 322-8106.  Then contact Tammie Mathis at 615-936-2098 or of Corporate Health Services to schedule a convenient time to have a photo identification badge made.  The photo ID badges will display the case manager's name, company name, and photo. Corporate Health will also provide a tutorial on how to register with us on the day of or the day before an on-site visit. This entire process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes of time.  Registration information will need to be updated and badges renewed every two (2) years.

Case Managers will be required to wear their photo identification any time they are on the Vanderbilt campus OR in any of the onsite or offsite Vanderbilt Clinics.  See Onsite Case Manager Visitation Process

Site Visit Check in Forms

In addition to wearing name badges, all case managers visiting an inpatient in the hospital or attending an outpatient visit at all Vanderbilt clinics will be required to present a site visit form to a front desk staff member at that clinic or inpatient unit.  Prior to coming to the hospital or any outpatient clinics to obtain information or visit an injured worker, case managers are to log into the Vendor Liaison website, complete the required fields, and print a site visit form. This form must be completed on the same day of the visit.  Failure to follow this process may result in your inability to access the information you need on your patient.

Easy Computer Access for Site Visit Check-In

We realize that a computer with printer access is not always easily accessible for case managers the day of each patient visit.  Therefore, we have installed a computer/printer station at a convenient location on campus for case manager sign-in.  The computer/printer is located In the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Trauma Clinic in Medical Center East, Room 4016A.

Please provide feedback or call Tammie Mathis at if you have any questions about this process.


Due to a July, 2009 Tennessee Law,  it is required that Case Managers bring a signed "Release of Information (C-31)" form with them when attending appointments with a patient.   The law requires that this release be signed by the patient before any written or verbal communication take place between the provider and employer representative, including case managers.   Therefore, please send the signed form to Corporate Health so we can scan it into the permanent file.

For more information on this ruling, link into the Tennessee Department of Labor website at

Here is also a copy of the C-31 form that has been provided by the Tennessee Department of Labor  C-31 Form