Jeanne M. Wallace, DVM, DACLAM



Associate Professor

Dept of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology

Director, Division of Animal Care

Dept of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics


  Contact Information



Office Location:

AA-6224 MCN

Phone: 615-322-6852

Fax: 615-343-7682



 Campus Mail address:

 Animal Care

 AA-6206 (2130)


 US Mailing address:

 Division of Animal Care

 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


 Nashville, TN 37232-2130




  Disease Interests



Diseases of nonhuman primates

Animal models of obesity and metabolic syndrome



  Research Specialty



Animal models of human disease 


  Clinical Research Description



My collaborative research efforts have focused on the investigation of the relationships between risk factors (e.g., stress, obesity, fat distribution pattern, lipid/lipoprotein profiles) and the development of atherosclerosis in nonhuman primate models. 



  Clinical Interests



   Laboratory animal medicine, particularly diseases of nonhuman  primates


   Metabolic syndrome



  Selected Publications



Articles in refereed journals:

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Books, book chapters, invited review articles:

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