Alumni Testimonials 


Derek C. Welch, M.D.

PathGroup, Inc.

Nashville, TN


My combined AP/CP training with the Vanderbilt Department of Pathology has proven invaluable in my professional career development in the private sector.  The world-class training I received allowed for a very smooth transition into further independence and productivity as a practicing pathologist.  Not only is the academic environment that has been fostered by the Vanderbilt Department of Pathology an incredible training parameter, but the combination of high-volume, high complexity pathology (clinical and anatomic) handled at Vanderbilt Medical Center, The Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and the Nashville Veterans’ Hospital is invaluable in learning to be a well-rounded and efficient pathologist who is able to handle a very large array of clinical and anatomic laboratory issues.  In my training years, I had ample opportunity and mentorship that was malleable in allowing for a career as either an academic or private practice pathologist.  Additionally, the subspecialty training I received with individuals like Dr. Kay Washington was beyond compare.



Mandy O’Leary, M.D., M.P.H,

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, OH


The combined residency training program at Vanderbilt provided me with a strong foundation in both Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. In addition to the continued output of successful practitioners in the discipline of Anatomic Pathology, this program also provides well-trained pathologists in regards to Clinical Pathology, due in part to the high caliber faculty in the various CP areas. Furthermore, the program offers ample exposure to the different facets of practice, including rotations in academic, government, and private practice settings. These experiences, along with the help of outstanding faculty mentors, helped guide me to my ultimate career choice. I would suggest to anyone considering residency or fellowship in Pathology to explore the array of opportunities Vanderbilt has to offer, as I would choose Vandy if I had to do it all over again!



Aaron Shaver, M.D., Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Nashville, TN


My four years of AP/CP training at Vanderbilt prepared me broadly and deeply for a career in pathology. In particular, the emphasis on resident responsibility was what set Vanderbilt apart from other programs for me. By asking me to take responsibility for cases and clinical consults, instead of simply acting as a conduit to the attending, I quickly learned the self-confidence to make clinical and diagnostic decisions. In addition, the program has been flexible and supportive of my desire to mix research and clinical work in my training schedule, with the goal of building an academic career.



Edward “Ned” P. Fody, M.D. F.C.A.P

Holland Hospital

Holland, MI 49423


The years I spent at Vanderbilt were the happiest of my life.  The Pathology Department was very strong, and I was very impressed with its collegiality.  There was a genuine team approach to education, training and practice.  The residents and faculty were friends.  Residents received a lot of responsibility and learned from it.  My professional goal was to be a laboratory director, and I feel that the training I received at Vanderbilt prepared me ideally for that goal.  I will always remember the many friends I made there, and I will always be grateful to Vanderbilt for the wonderful learning experience.



Heidi W. Shappell, M.D.

North Dallas Pathology Services

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

Dallas, Texas


My training experience at Vanderbilt was an intense one, which was well worth it. I transitioned from a short period in academic practice to a private practice position and was able to assume full responsibilities essentially right away. I saw such diverse material during my training that I feel very confident in my practice and am able to provide effective consultation to my clinical colleagues.


Robert N. Page, M.D.

Knoxville Dermatopathology Laboratory

Knoxville, Tennessee


I can best summarize my time at Vandy in saying that there is nothing I have encountered since my residency that I did not experience while there in training.  While the demands are extensive - the reward is invaluable.  I am currently a partner at Knoxville Dermatopathology where I practice Dermpath in private practice full time.



Thomas M. Turner, M.D.

Corpus Christi, Texas


Since beginning my transition into private practice, I have regarded my training at Vanderbilt as invaluable to my early success.  The challenges of the program readily prepared me for even the most rigorous workloads I have encountered.  Success in private practice (as well as passing the boards) entirely depends on the quality and quantity of cases seen in residency.  Vanderbilt stands as one of the elite programs in providing these opportunities. Moreover, I immensely enjoyed training under the mentorship of some of the best Pathologists in the field.  Without reservation, I would recommend the program to prospective applicants. 



Matt Foster, M.D.


Lynchburg, Virginia


After five years of residency and fellowship at Vanderbilt I felt very well prepared to handle just about any pathology related issue, particularly in Surgical Pathology.  The training I received continues to be the foundation of my current practice and I highly recommend Vanderbilt to anyone considering Pathology.



Patricia Revelo, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio


I did my Anatomic Pathology Residency and Renal Pathology Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center from 1999 to 2004.  The training that I received at Vanderbilt was excellent because Vanderbilt is a regional referral center and thus there is a great variety of cases and exposure to a vast number of difficult specimens.  This allows a feeling of greater confidence during sign out.  My training in Renal Pathology was also excellent and I feel very comfortable now with the cases since during training I learned how to handle many very difficult ones.  In addition, during my training there were very kind, knowledgeable and competent pathologists to mentor the residents.  Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have responsibilities in Surgical Pathology, Autopsy and Renal Pathology Services. 



Xochi J. Geiger, M.D.

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville


My training at Vanderbilt provided me with excellent diagnostic skills and exposure to a vast diversity of cases.   Although very demanding at times, the program instills a high level of resident confidence and independence, which are invaluable for smooth transition into a post-training position and also future career success.  I very much enjoyed the resident camaraderie and easy interactions between residents and a superb faculty.  I am currently in practice at Mayo Clinic and feel the Vanderbilt program is one of the best and provides excellent training for a successful career in either private practice or more academic environments.



Roy A. Jensen, M.D.

Director, Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute

William R. Jewell, MD, Distinguished

Kansas Masonic Professor

University of Kansas Medical Center


When I think back on my training in Anatomic Pathology at Vanderbilt there truly was a Who's Who of outstanding teachers, mentors, and diagnostic pathologists.  The list included David Page, Bob Collins, George Gray, Bill Hartmann, John Cousar, Fred Gorstein, Alan Glick, Jim Fields, Jere Baxter, Renu Virmani, and Tom McCurley.  That same spirit lives on in the training program today, as it continues to be recognized as one of the leading pathology training programs in the country.



Yong Zhao, M.D.

Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine

Christina Care Health System


I had a wonderful experience at Vanderbilt, both academically and personally. I still clearly remember that when I had time while an intern, I received a lot of support and encouragement from my fellow residents, the program director, the faculty members and the staff in this program. I am so proud of being trained at Vandy!



Kathy Hamilton, M.D.


St. Thomas Hospital

Nashville, TN


I am very grateful for the training I received during my time as a resident and fellow at Vanderbilt.  My educational experience in the Department of Pathology was outstanding.  I felt like the faculty did a great job teaching not only scientific concepts and facts, but gave me an excellent understanding of the “practice” of Pathology.  I felt well prepared when I started my job in private practice.  I also appreciated the personal support and consideration given to the residents.  I felt like the program supported and enhanced my professional development beyond what would be done in other programs.