Update merge letter

July 30, 2007

«First_Name» «Last_Name», M.D.




«City»,  «State»  «Zip»

Re:  Updated forms and instructions

Dear Dr. «Last_Name»,

Attached are an updated Request for Consult form (RFC), instructions for specimen Allocation and Fixation and updated Shipping Procedures.  Please review these forms and instructions with your staff and ensure that all former forms and instructions are disposed of to prevent confusion and/or processing delays.  This will help to ensure the very best of patient care.

Your personnel can request pre-printed airbills by calling me (615-322-3070).  To order more fixation agents and shipping containers or for questions about billing, please call VPLS client services (800-551-5227).


Karen Kirkpatrick, AA

Renal/EM Division of Pathology