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CMP Graduate Faculty


Research Specialty

Abel, Ty W.

Intracellular signaling pathways in normal CNS development and neoplasia

Atkinson, James B.

Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis/ cardiovascular disease /heart transplantation)

Bock, Paul E.

Regulation of blood coagulation proteolytic enzymes

Boyd, Kelli L.

Pathology of Genetically Engineered Mice
Infection disease in animal models; cell cycle regulation and cell death mechanisms; embryonic and placental development in mice
Collaborative research involving animal models of disease

Cates, Justin M.

Pathologic and molecular diagnosis of bone and soft tissue tumors

Davidson, Jeffrey

Connective tissue research; Wound healing; Gene therapy

Eischen, Christine

Gene regulation of tumor development

Fogo, Agnes

Role of growth factors in the progression and potential regression of chronic renal disease

Gailani, David

Regulation of hemostasis

Hoover, Richard

Cell-cell interactions emphasizing leukocyte-endothelial systems; endothelial cell biology

Hudson, Billy G.

Collagen biochemistry; matrix biology

Jerome, W. Gray

The role of lysosomes in abnormal cholesterol metabolism, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Major, Amy

The role of innate and adaptive immunity in atherosclerosis

McDonald, Oliver

GI pathology, epigenetic reprogramming, pancreatic cancer

Mosse, Claudio A.

Tumor dysregulation of apoptosis pathways leading to T cell induced apoptosis resistance

Osteen, Kevin G.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling growth and differentiation in the female reproductive tract

Santoro, Samuel

Structure and biology of integrin adhesive receptors for extracellular matrix proteins

Schoenecker, Jonathan

The role of Coagulation in Normal and Pathologic Orthopaedic Related Wounds

Seegmiller, Adam

Regulation of fatty acid metabolism in cystic fibrosis and hematolymphoid malignancies

Sephel, Gregory C.

Control of matrix directed capillary morphogenesis

Shepherd, Virginia

Expression and regulation of macrophage cell surface receptors

Stricker, Thomas

Swift, Larry

Lipoprotein metabolism, lipid droplet formation, adipocyte biology

Valentine, William

Mechanisms of Environmental Neurotoxicants

Verhamme, Ingrid A. M.

Regulation of blood coagulation proteolytic enzymes

Wallace, Jeanne M.

Administration of animal research resources,

Post-graduate training of veterinarians in laboratory animal and comparative medicine,

Collaborative research involving animal models of human disease

Washington, Mary Kay

Histopathology of gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases and mouse models of GI cancer

Weaver, Alissa M.

Dynamic actin assembly for cell motility and cancer metastasis

Woodworth, Alison L.

Clinical Chemistry, clinical endocrinology, biomarkers of maternal/fetal medicine, sepsis

Young, Pampee

Role of vasculogenesis in tumor neovascularization. Artery and vein specific gene expression

Zijlstra, Andries

Tumor cell invasion and cancer metastasis

Zutter, Mary

Integrin-mediated cell adhesion in development, cancer, innate immunity and vascular biology