Research Facilities

The Department of Pathology is located in Medical Center North and The Vanderbilt Clinic where it occupies in excess of 30,000 square feet of space. The modern laboratory facilities are well equipped for todayąs broad spectrum of contemporary techniques relating to cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. In addition, the facilities are exceptionally well geared towards translational research that integrates the application of clinical specimens with basic research. Consequently, the department is also home to the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN), which provides access to human tissue samples, histology services, and specialized equipment for the purpose of pre-clinical and translational research. Specific core facilities provide extensive support for a variety of microscopic techniques including optical, fluorescent and electron microscopy.

The department is in close proximity to a large variety of research core facilities located within VUMC. These cores are typically under the administrative control of a research center and offer their services to all VUMC and Vanderbilt-Meharry Alliance investigators. The complete list of cores can be found at:


Laboratory Automation