How do I register for classes and when?

Students in Pathology register themselves using YES.

Instructions from the Graduate School
Website:Click here

This memorandum is to provide registration information to Graduate School Students who will be enrolled in the Fall semester for 2010. The fall registration process is very different from summer because OASIS is being retired after summer registration.
Please note that failure to register properly and in a timely manner may result in payroll tax withholding if you are being paid compensation from Vanderbilt such as an RA or TA salary.

YES is available and must be used to enroll in Fall semester courses and research. If your department requires you to see your advisor prior to registering, do so first.

Returning students should make registration changes before August 21st, incoming students before August 25th.

The Registration Data form must be completed for Fall semester beginning August 1st, and before August 26th.

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What classes do I take?

Required Courses:

PATH 8331 - Seminar in Experimental Pathology FALL [1]
PATH 8332 - Current Topics in Experimental Pathology SPRING [1]
M&IM 8335 - Research Proposals: Preparation and Critical Review SPRING [2]
PATH 8351 - Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease SPRING [3]

PATH 8352 - Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease FALL [3]

PATH 8999- Non-Candidate Research
PATH 9999 - PhD Dissertation Research


PATH 8322 - Experimental Methods in Pathology FALL, SPRING, SUMMER. [2-4]

Additional specific classes may be required if on a training grant.

Mentors should be consulted regarding additional relevant coursework.

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How do I audit a class?

· After deciding what course you want to audit, you must receive permission from your preceptor and the course instructor.

· Audits can be added on OASIS, at

· There is a $10 nonrefundable audit fee.

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I received a bill (Student Account Invoice). What do I do with it?

1. If the AMOUNT DUE is $0, then keep it with your other important papers; no action is required.

2. If you have a balance, please call Student Accounts at (615) 322-6693 for a breakdown of the charges. If the charges are personal (prescriptions, parking fees, etc.), please make arrangements to settle the account. If the charges are for fees related to the program (tuition, activity fees, insurance, etc.), please contact the Program Manager for assistance.

Note concerning activity fees: Some of you are on PAFs (Personnel Action Forms), which simply means your stipend is paid differently than other students in that you all are technically Graduate Student Research Assistants , and are paid the same manner in which employees are paid. Your method of pay is dictated by the rules/regulations associated with your funding source. Those on PAFs receive supplemental pay to cover activity fees, as the funding source does not allow for direct payment of such, but will allow for the necessary amount to be factored into your monthly salary. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying those fees yourself, so do not be alarmed when you receive your statement from student accounts, and please be reminded that you are/will be receiving sufficient supplementation to cover these fees. Please contact the Program Manager for further information.

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What if I already have health insurance?

Students who do not wish to enroll in the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan can attempt to waive coverage if they can document proof of comparable coverage with another health insurance plan. To document proof of comparable coverage, an On-Line Waiver Form must be submitted.

1. If you are a citizen of the United States:

To waive coverage, go to, click on Student Access and select Vanderbilt University from the drop down box and follow the directions to waive coverage online.
Additional Insurance Questions can be directed to the Student Health Center at 322-2427 or visit their website at
student health website

2. If you are an International student:
To waive coverage, click here

Additional Insurance Questions can be directed to the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) department. Click here

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Questions about Parking?

Please see:

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When and where do I pick up my paycheck?

On the last weekday of each month, in room C-3314 MCN (See Karen Morris).

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Where do I receive Departmental/Campus Mail?

In the departmental mailroom, C-3321A

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Where do I go to get/replace my VUMC ID card?

VUMC Card Office

Round Wing of Medical Center North, D-2107

Phone: 936-3350, Fax: 936-3351

Hours: Mon. Thurs. 8:30 4:30

Fri. 10:00 4:30

Closed: 1:00 2:00 for Lunch

· Must bring a photo ID and a signed ID Card Authorization Form; please contact Program Manager to obtain signature. Click here

· You must be confirmed by the Registrar's Office as being enrolled at Vanderbilt before a student VUMC ID will be issued.

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Do I need to pay taxes on my stipend?

Generally, stipend payments do not have taxes withheld (this can vary for international recipients). On an annual basis (by January 31 of each year), HR Processing will send every stipend recipient a letter regarding taxability and what forms (if any) to expect from Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt University does not provide tax guidance or assistance; this information is provided as a service and reminds all recipients to seek the counsel of a qualified tax advisor to determine individual circumstances.

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What is Graduate Student Council?

The Graduate Student Council is working with, and for you, the student. Please visit their website for more information at

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How do I access travel funds?

· If you are on a training grant and funds are available (check with your training grant administrator):
- Obtain a green travel request form from room T-3218, MCN
- Complete the form and submit to the assistant for your particular training grant

· You can also apply for money from the Graduate School. Click here-

· Print and fill out the form
- Attach a copy of the abstract to be presented
- Have it approved by the Director of Graduate Studies
- Return all paperwork to the Graduate School at least two weeks prior to travel

· Please note that most of these funds are only applicable if the student is actually presenting.

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Contact Info

Pathology Residency and Graduate Program Office Contact Information:

Kristi Hargrove

Program Manager

Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

D-2220 Medical Center North
1161 21st Ave. S

Nashville, TN 37232-2561

Tel: 615-322-2294

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Helpful Websites

· Vanderbilt Pathology Department:

· Incoming Students: click here

· Incoming International Students: click here

· Graduate School: click here

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