Specimen Requirements:


  • Submit tissue in appropriate fixatives: 2% glutaraldehyde for electron microscopy, preferably 4% paraformaldehyde or 10% formalin for light microscopy, and Michel's fixative for immunofluorescence (we will provide fixatives at your request, see below)
  • Provide clinical history (we will provide you with a clinical history form)
  • Provide phone number and fax number


We will call you (the pathologist and nephrologist) with final results within two full working days. When indicated, preliminary verbal results can be provided same day for renal biopsy specimens received before noon. Written reports are faxed within 1 day of finalization of biopsy results. You may reach one of our pathologists any time by calling our administrative assistant at 615-322-3070 or Dr. Fogo at 615-322-3114, or beeper 615-835-5863.  



Specimen Requirements:


  • Submit tissue in Michel's fixative for lung and skin; in saline for heart
  • Provide clinical history
  • Provide phone and fax number

Results are provided within one full working day.

Specimen Transport:


Vanderbilt Pathology Laboratory Services (VPLS) (phone 615-936-0510 or 1-800-551-5227) provides collection protocols, fixatives, request forms, clinical history forms, shipping containers, and pre-printed shipping airbills upon request. Specimen transport is provided by VPLS at no additional cost to our clients.



  1. For Allocation and Fixation Procedures, click here
  2. For Renal Biopsy Request Consultation Form, click here
  3. For Requests for Microscopy Form, click here
  4. Renal Biopsy Shipping Procedures for STAT or Routine Processing click here
  • Provide clinical history. This clinical history worksheet can be printed directly from your Web browser, or sent via E-mail.
  • Provide phone number and fax number.


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