Consultations are signed out by the attending physician of the week.  Please send to:


Vanderbilt University
Department of Pathology
Hematopathology Division
4601 TVC
1301 Medical Center Drive
Nashville, TN 37232-5310

Telephone: 615.343.9167


The consultation should include:


1)            Cover letter from the referring pathologist or clinician stating the nature of the consult with relevant clinical information

2)            Copy of the corresponding surgical pathology reports

3)            Billing information

4)            Address, telephone and fax number of referring pathologist/clinician

5)            Representative slides and paraffin blocks to expedite case work-up. Overnight express delivery is strongly recommended, particularly for urgent cases


Evaluation of cases includes light microscopic examination of histopathologic material.  When appropriate, evaluation includes immuno-histochemistry, flow histopathologic material, cytometry, molecular genetics and electron microscopy.  The referring pathologist or clinician will generally be contacted within 24 hours after receipt of the consult with a preliminary diagnosis or final diagnosis (if no further studies are necessary).  A copy of the final report will be faxed immediately upon final sign-out of the case.  A hard copy is sent via regular mail.  Blocks and slides are returned by regular mail immediately after final sign-out of the case.  We encourage referring pathologists and clinicians to call before sending consults that may be complex or have clinical urgency.