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Q: How do I report spam mail or other suspicious mail that I received?

The best method to report spam false negatives is to send the original spam message to vumailguard-review@vanderbilt.edu. However, you cannot simply forward the message because it does not include the necessary information needed by IT to discern the messages origin. Instead, follow these instructions which work with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Entourage but not with Outlook Web Access (OWA).

1. Create a new message and address it to:


2. Drag the original spam message from the Inbox into the new message window. The original spam message should now show as an attachment in the new message.

3. Send the new message. The original spam message will then be examined and reported to the vendor. The vendor will include new criteria so that future spam messages are quarantined.

NOTE: If not using the above email clients, forward the original spam message to vumailguard-review@vanderbilt.edu but be sure to include the message headers. If you need assistance with any of these instructions, please contact your local support provider