Former Trainees’ Appointments


Pierre Anthony, PhD.

Wasif Khan Lab (2002-2005)

Département de Biologie et de Génomique Structurales, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

Amanda Antons, Ph. D.

Unutmaz Lab 2004-2008

-- Law School in Chicago

Stephanie Conant

Sebastian Joyce Lab (2005-2006)

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Detroit at Mercy

Brian Corbin, PhD.

Eric P. Skaar Lab Postdoctoral Fellow

Scientist and Grant Writer at Microbios, Inc., Ithaca

Pranav Danthi, PhD.

Terrence Dermody Lab (2003-2008), Cell and Molecular Microbiology Program Trainee (2004-2005)

Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Shreevrat Goenka, PhD.

Mark Boothby Lab (2002-2007)

Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Indianapolis, IN

Geoff Holm, PhD.

Terrence Dermody Lab (2004-2008), Cell and Molecular Microbiology Program Trainee (2004-2005)

Assistant Professor, Colgate University in Hamilton, New York

Daewoong Jo, PhD.

Jacek Hawiger Lab (2002-2006)

Assistant Professor, Hwasun Chunnam University Hospital, Chunnam, Korea

Karissa McCall, Ph. D.

Zutter Lab 2004-2008

Microbiology Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chappell Hill, School of Medicine

Kyra Oswald-Richter, Ph.D.

Wonder Drake Lab 2005-2010

Research Instructor, Feb, 2010, VUMC, M&IM

Mingli Qi, Ph. D.

Aiken Lab 2005-2008

Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University

S.M. Jamshedur Rahman, Ph.D.

Wasif Khan Lab (1999-2001)

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine, VUMC

Kristen Elizabeth Sadler, PhD.

James Tam Lab (2000-2003)

Research Fellow (2003-2004); Assistant Professor, Assistant Chair, (2004-present): School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Chad Sethman, PhD.

Jacek Hawiger Lab (2003-2007); Cell and Molecular Microbiology Program Trainee (2003-2005)

Assistant Professor, Waynesburg University, PA

Brenna Simons, Ph. D.

Kalams Lab 2004-2009

Research Scientist, Department of Community Health Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Devin Stauff, Ph. D.

Eric P. Skaar Lab 2006-2009

Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University, Nov. 2009

Lance Thomas, Ph.D.

Eugene Oltz Lab 2004-2008
Dean Ballard Lab 2008-2010

Research Assistant Professor, VUMC M&IM, Feb, 2010

Victor Torres Ph.D.

Eric P. Skaar Lab Postdoctoral Fellow

Timothy Cover Lab Graduate Student

Assistant Professor of Microbiology, New York,

University School of Medicine, New York

Michael Vetter, Ph. D.

D'Aquilla Lab 2004-2009

Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University

Douglas Woodhams, PhD.

Louise Rollins-Smith (2003-2007); Immunobiology of Blood and Vascular Systems Training Program (2003-2005)

Instructor James Madison University (through May 2008)

Professor, University of Zurich ( - Present)

Ruifang Yang, Ph. D.

Aiken Lab
Graduate Student- 2005-2009;
Postdoctoral Fellow- 2009-20010

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), Montreal, Canada

Jozef Zienkiewicz, Ph.D.

Hawiger Lab, Research Fellow 2005-2008; Research Instructor  2008-2009

Research Assistant Professor, Sept, 2009