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September 3, 2014


MDAS Screening of Resistance at Saratt Student Center


Resistance is a documentary detailing the global crisis of antibiotic resistance. For additional details about the event, click here:







April 22nd, 2012:            March for Babies at Centennial Park                                    

April 24th, 2012:            Adventure Science Center Adult Play Date                         

Feb 23, 2012:                   Louis Pasteur Lecture on Microbially Manufactured Libations

Location:  Corsair Artisan Distillery

Lecture:  “From Sake to Soy Sauce:  The Evolutionary Genomics of Aspergillus oryzae” by John Gibbons.

Summary:  John Gibbons gave a talk on the evolution of Aspirgillus oryzae, which is used to make sake, soy sauce and miso. He discussed how A. oryzae was domesticated from the pathogenic A. flavus by human selection for decreased toxicity, increased starch metabolism and flavor enhancement. The talk was followed by a tour of the distillery and a spirit tasting.











October 26, 2011:   MDAS Induction 2011

SUMMARY:  For this year's induction we had Dr. Julián F. Hillyer, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, speak about the physiological and immune interactions between important vector-borne human pathogens and the insect host. He showed some really amazing images of mosquito physiology and discussed what role this intermediate host, and others, play in the human disease cycle. Dr. Hillyer encourages and welcomes any interactions with MDAS members!

Hillyer Lab Website:


This year we open membership to all member of the Program in Microbial Pathogenesis and inducted 71 new members to the society.