Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program


A Fellowship in transfusion Medicine will be offered for the first time, starting July 2013.  This is an exciting and innovative program that incorporates a required 24 week core component on the transfusion service and an 8 week core rotations on the coagulation and hemostasis service. This will be followed by 4 week rotations on the apheresis service, the hematology/oncology service and the American Red Cross Donor Collection Center. A  4 week elective period may be done either at Vanderbilt University, or as an away-rotation at another institution.  There will also be a series of lectures in business management and leadership offered through the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. 

A major strength of this Fellowship compared with other TM fellowship programs in the US, is the foundation it will provide in delivering service through Diagnostic Management Teams (DMT) - an innovative health delivery modality pioneered in our department at VUMC, now being adopted at numerous other US medical institutions.  The program also includes daily Morning Rounds with the attending physician and residents, as well as daily supervision of the Stem Cell Collection and Photopheresis Unit.  

The fellowship includes a strong didactic component with regular lecturers, seminars, journal clubs, case conferences. The fellow will be required to present regularly at these meetings .and will also regularly attend and participate in various QA/QC meetings including the Hospital Transfusion Committee.  In addition, the fellow will regularly participate with the faculty in seminar meetings in hematology/oncology and in pediatrics/neonatology in order to give the fellow broad exposure to all fields of transfusion medicine.  The fellow will at all times have residents and students to work alongside and tutor, as well as visiting fellows from other clinical services such as hematology/oncology and anesthesiology.  Supervision through faculty attending physicians will at all times be available.  

The fellow will also complete a small research project under faculty supervision. Funds will be provided to attend at least one conference during the year, and a $600 stipend will be provided for books and supplies.  Publication of research, review and/or commentary papers will be strongly encouraged.  

Application forms will soon be made available on this site. Interested persons should contact the Fellowship Program Director, Dr. Quentin Eichbaum ( 

Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Brochure

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