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Submit a Form

Before You Submit a Form

  1. Collect All Forms Used By Your Clinic
  2. Consolidate Like Forms
  3. Work with Your Epic Leap Team Member to Identify Forms That Will Be Captured in Epic

All VUMC and external (non-VUMC) documents that are entered into the electronic medical record must be submitted to VMR Forms for review and analysis of content and format compliance based on current policies and regulatory standards. (NOTE: If a document is given to a patient, it must also go through a process which includes formatting and editing for appropriate reading level so that the piece complies with VUMC’s health literacy standards.)

How Do You Submit a Form Request? 

Simply click the following link:


1. Attach your file (preferably Word file)

2. Complete all fields in the questionnaire and

3. Select SAVE to submit your file and information directly to VMR Forms.

Please submit one form at a time.

After you have completed your questionnaire and attached your file, VMR Forms will push your document to the appropriate committee for consideration and approval.

The answers you provide on the questionnaire will help facilitate the committee review process and expedite final determinations.

For any questions please contact us at: