Heidi J. Silver, PhD, RD

Heidi J. Silver, PhD, RD

Dr. Silver’s research is an integral component of an emerging dynamic translational research program in obesity, the metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Her studies target modulating the macronutrient composition of dietary intakes in obese adults and children, specifically dietary fat and fatty acids, to investigate effects on the pathophysiology, risk factors and outcomes of diabetes, obesity and related comorbidities. She designs translational dietary food and supplement interventions to further understand effects on metabolism and energy homeostasis, body composition, insulin resistance, oxidative stress and inflammation. Dr. Silver has completed several randomized controlled trials and has an active database of over 600 individuals with obesity and/or diabetes who are interested in participating in clinical research projects. Dr. Silver has trained over 500 registered dietitians in diet assessment methods. As Director of the Nutrition and Diet Assessment Core, she supervises a team of registered dietitians and research assistants who perform diet and nutrition assessments, nutrition education, nutrition counseling and nutrition therapy.


MarLea Finch, MS, RD, LDN

MarLea serves as the Metabolic Kitchen Manager for the Core with related food service responsibilites. Her duties include maintaining financial reports and monthly kitchen logs, work with the Access scheduling system to ensure appropriate services are provided by the Metabolic Kitchen, and creating invoices and billing within the CORES billing system. MarLea also provides Diet Instruction and 24-hour Recalls as needed to study participants, and serves as backup to the Metabolic (Parvo) Cart technician.

Holly Mason, MS, RD, LDN

As a Research Dietitian in the Core, Holly performs data collection, data entry, diet assessments, menu development, nutrient analysis, and metabolic and exercise testing in various research studies, as well as equipment maintenance and quality control. Additionally, she is responsibile for scheduling metabolic and exercise testing and nutrition-related study subject visits in various research studies and providing nutrition education and counseling to study subjects and monitoring progress in various research studies.

Tim Olszewski, MS, RD, LDN

Tim is the study coordinator for the TIPs Microbiome Study (IRB #171170), whose duties include development of protocol and consent forms, recruitment and retention of study subjects, menu development and nutrient analysis, development of a REDCap data collection database, administering study procedures and subject scheduling, dietary intake assessment, sample and data collections, data entry. Additional departmental duties include conducting blood specimen processing and NDSR nutrition analysis software data entry as well as serving as backup for bike and treadmill VO2max, EKG, graded exercise testing, and bioelectric impedance analysis.