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Please join us for the next VUMC Leadership Impact session on April 11, from 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-3:00 in Light Hall-208. Professor Cherrie Clark will be facilitating a workshop on Leading Millennials.

Please join us for this interactive session and discover ways to reduce turnover, increase engagement and leverage the talents of Millennials in the workplace! For your convenience, the same session will be offered in the AM and PM. No registration is required, just sign in at the door! Everyone is welcome to attend.

We are now offering video live streaming for these sessions. Please click on the link below at the start time for the session and join us remotely:

(10:00-12:00) or (1:00-3:00) 

*Please note that due to limitations in filming, not all aspects of the presentation may be viewable.

Remote Viewers: During the session, please email: any questions that you may have for the speaker.

If you have any questions about upcoming sessions, please contact: