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Unit Board:  cancelled this month!

Dr. Young's Care of the Drug Addicted Patient  on June 26th @ 5:30pm - conference call option is available @ 343-xxxx.

What's Happening on 4East this month?

News - June 2013

Schools out, summer is almost here, and there are lots of changes on 4East.  Here is some of the latest news on 4East:

  • Brooke Stacey, our new manager, has arrived! She has been orienting with various charge nurses, carepartners and MR's to get a feel for 4East. Welcome back Brooke!!
  • Dr. Spetalnick is the new Medical Director of 4East. He is replacing Dr. McWeeney who is stepping aside to pursue further education.  You may have noticed that Dr. Spetalnick's L&D Newsletter is now called L&D and 4East Newsletter. You will see him at our Unit Board and Staff Meetings.
  • Friday Update:  In addition to Dr. Spetalnick's L&D (now L&D and 4East) Newsletter, and The 4East Flyer, management has decided to get pertinent information to staff in a weekly manner.
  • Competency Day signup!  Please sign up for our annual competency days, signup sheet is in the breakroom.

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Helpful numbers:


  • Main station: 60806/60814
  • 2nd station: 60822/60823
  • 3rd station: 60832/60833
  • fax number: 60813
  • nursery: 60829/60838
  • L&D: 22255
  • Stahlman NICU:  24861
  • VCH NICU:  20963
  • 4E service center: 31807