Learning Exchange Roles

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The Learning Exchange is the learning management system for all Vanderbilt staff training and development.  There are three different roles in the Learning Exchange that a staff member may hold, including: Learner, Delegate and Administrator.


As a learner you have access to manage your personal training and development plans, transcripts and enrollments.
As a delegate, you have access to assign, track and report on training assignments across the organization.  To become a delegate your department Decentralized Administrator will need to assign you the "Learning Exchange Delegate" permission in Privilege Management. To identify the decentralized administrator for your area, please speak with your department Administrative Manager, Administrative Officer, or Departmental Administrator. Once the permission is granted, your access in the LMS will update overnight and you will automatically receive an assignment in the Learning Exchange containing self-paced tutorials and reference materials that cover all necessary delegate functionality.
As an administrator, in addition to the permissions of a delegate, you have the ability to create training modules and catalog them in the LMS. Administrators must obtain hands on training by the learning systems staff. Administrators must have a role with the job responsibility of creating and assigning training to staff.
To become an administrator, email learningexchange@vanderbilt.edu and request enrollment in the self-paced training curriculum.

Administrators looking for step-by-step instructions on Learning Exchange procedures can find them in the Supportal

Still have questions? Contact us at learningexchange@vanderbilt.edu 
All Learning Systems are subject to the following VUMC Policies:
  • OP 20-10.10  Patient Photography and Video Imaging
  • OP 10-10.30  Social Media Guidlines