Web-Ex Training Center Overview


Hands-On Lab
Connect online learners with remote computers, applications, and simulations before, during, or after live training sessions to reinforce learning with hands-on practice.

Breakout Sessions
Promote active learning by conducting multiple, simultaneous collaborative activities in small groups. Trainers can “walk around the room” and see how each group is doing.

Multiple Panelists
Bring in trainers from different locations to train collaboratively
Information Sharing
Share documents, demonstrate software, and sketch ideas in real time on a whiteboard. Add interest by creating data and annotating on-the-fly.
Streaming Video Integration
Engage learners and improve interaction with live video, using a web or video camera.

Integrated Audio
Give attendees the flexibility to join a class using a toll or toll-free phone number and via call-in or call-back. 

How do I receive training on how to use Training Center?

Training is offered virtually online through our partner InterCall. Training sessions are free and open to the public. To register for training click here
How do I decide if Training Center is the best delivery method to meet my needs? 
Workforce Performance Operations is your primary resource for support with all learning systems. You can schedule a consultation with a learning systems representative by emailing your request to learningexchange@vanderbilt.edu